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Guiding Clients Through Immigration law

Immigration law can be complex. Here at TOWER IMMIGRATION, we provide the necessary support to help clients efficiently deal with immigration-related concerns. We leverage our more than 15 years of practice in the area to provide ethical, legal and technical options that are personalized to the situation at hand. Whether you’re applying for your Green Card to stay in the U.S., or you have a loved one that needs help entering the United States, or you want to become a U.S. citizen. WE CAN HELP!

What We Offer

Coverage of Our Immigration Services

  • Business Visas (Including Foreign Businesses): Working for a business? That business can apply for you to stay in the USA or come to the USA. 
  • Citizenship: The ultimate benefit the USA can give you. You can vote, get a federal job, ask for additional family members to come to the USA and so much more. The best benefit possible. 
  • Deportation Defense: Does the government want to get you out of the USA? Have you lost your asylum case? Have you been arrested by the police? Deportation defense is your way to Freedom. 
  • Green Card Application: Your wife/husband/child/brother/sister/mom/dad can apply for you to stay in the USA as long as they have their green card or U.S. citizenship. Work, drive and live your life normally in the USA. 
  • Investment Visas: Do you want to come to the USA, or are you in the USA and have “no other way” to stay? There are many different types of investment “visas” to stay in the USA. Opening up your own business and investing in it, and get to stay in the USA. 
  • Immigration Classes (Available for Attorneys and Citizens): Our attorneys and Former Immigration Officers can provide technical knowledge to your practice, the community and advocates across the nation. 
  • English Classes: Prepare for your naturalization exam and ace that interview. 
  • Interpretation and Translation Services: If your documents are not in English they have to be translated into English so that the government accepts them. Certifications of documents are guaranteed. 
  • I-9 Employment Compliance: If you have a business you are required by Federal law to ensure that your employees are authorized to work in the USA. If not you may be fined and that can be costly. Very costly. Our office can help. 
  • Humanitarian Visas: Are you in dire need to get a family member to the USA and there are no other options or have been denied in the past? Humanitarian visas may be your best option. 
  • Spouse and Fiance Visas: Are you married to a U.S. citizen or green card holder, or are they your boyfriend or girlfriend and you guys are thinking of getting married? This might be your ticket into the USA. Congratulations. 
  • Religious Visas: Have you been going to church for 2 years or longer? Have you been helping the church? This may be your way. 
  • Victims of Crime Visas: Have you been a victim or witness of a crime in the USA. If yes, we are sorry; but this may be your ticket to staying in the USA. 
  • Human Trafficking Visas: Sex trafficking and labor trafficking are against U.S. law. If you have or you know of someone that has been: recruited, transports, solicits, slavery, low pay hours for hard work and or more, this may be your way out of that situation. 
  • Employment Authorization: Do you need the ability to work legally in the USA? Provide a living for yourself and/or your family. You need this permission. 
  • Asylum: Are you afraid of returning to your country because of a reason and have nowhere to go? The U.S. may provide you an opportunity to stay. 
  • Interview Preparation: Do you have an interview with an Immigration Officer or Judge and do not know what will occur? Speak to one of our attorneys of our former Immigration Officer and be prepared.