Biden Will be Reversing Trump Policies (For Immigration)

For any person, who is attempting to immigrate to the United States, there is no secret that the Trump Presidency has brought with it many restrictions. Many supporters of the new President-elect Joe Biden are hopeful that his new term will bring changes.


Biden has stated that he plans to roll back many of the restrictive immigration policies put into place by the Trump administration. Although Biden has stated these policies will be rolled out slowly, with the inauguration on January 20, 2021, we can expect a new age for immigration policies in the United States.

End Restrictive Asylum Policies

The Trump administration had implemented a program entitled “Day 1”. This restrictive program for asylum seekers has required tens of thousands of people to await their immigration hearings from outside of the country. Most of these asylum seeks are from Central America, and therefore they will be forced to wait in Mexico.


Many of these hopefuls had hoped that this would be a quick process. Despite this, the president-elect has stated it will roll out slowly due to lack of funding. It may also take months to develop a system that can process thousands of asylum seekers effectively. The overall plan is to put staff members such as “asylum judges” into place. Although it may take longer than hoped, it is a plan that will come with the new administration.

Restore DACA

One of the largest executive orders that President Trump pushed through during his term in office was the ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program originally allowed protections for eligible children of adult immigrants who came to the country illegally.


This program is incredibly important due to the fact that these children were brought to the country illegally without a choice. Joe Biden has pledged to restore this program in its entirety.

Reversal of “Muslim Ban”

Biden is also expected to reverse both the travel and immigration bans from several muslim countries.


This “Muslim ban” put into effect by Donald Trump went into effect on January 27, 2017. This executive order blocked all travel to the United States by residents of seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days. This ban also suspended entry to the United State for all Syrian refugees indefinitely, as well as prohibited any other refugees from entering for 120 days.


This ban was met with much negativity and protest, and now the President-Elect has plans to reverse it.

Reuniting Families at the Border

Biden has pledged to sign an executive order that will create a task force to help reunite parents with immigrant children. Many of these children were separated from them at the border. It is known that this has caused detrimental emotional problems for these families.

Eliminating “Public Charge Rule”

Although the Biden administration will not have the ability to put into power anything that they way, they do have the power to undo policies that make it harder for people to obtain and keep green cards.


One policy, in particular, is the “public charge rule”. This policy requires green card-seekers to prove that they have sufficient income and health insurance in order to immigrate. This is technically unnecessary for immigrants to prove, due to the fact that they are always sponsored by a U.S citizen or permanent resident.

New Hope

The departure of President Trump will no doubt have a huge impact on immigration. Members of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team have stated that it may take longer than they hoped to undo the “damage” done by the Trump administration. Despite this, they are still something to look forward to.


Biden has stated that he and his administration plans to ensure the safety of those applying for asylum, removing the Muslim ban, and facilitating the ability to remain in the United States while awaiting a green card. His administration could also ease the process of applying for and extending visas.

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